We are a family owned company located in Lima, OH. The business was established in 2010. We specialize in Commercial Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Refrigeration work. We also do residential work.

We welcome any and all opportunities to quote the equipment and services that you may need, whether commercial or residential in nature.

At Wellman Services, our goal is to provide you with effective solutions to keep your business operational with little or no downtime.We focus on doing things right the first time, so you can continue to focus on running your business as usual without hassles or headaches. No job is too big, or too small, and we stand behind absolutely everything we do. For your heating, cooling, plumbing, or refrigeration needs, give us a call today.

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Quality work, every time. 


From floor repairs to replacement of damaged ceiling tiles, and everything in between,  we can help you get your facility back into shape.


When it comes to heating and cooling, we can help you with preventative maintenance, repairs, installation of new equipment, and much more.


Steam boilers, hot water boilers, piping repair, control systems. Whether you’re needing to repair, maintain, or replace, we can help.


Water to Water Systems, Closed loop systems, Auxiliary Storage Tanks, Water heater heat recovery add-ons.


New and Remodeled Homes, Commercial New construction, Camera Inspection Service, Clog / Backed up drain repair, plumbing leak repair.


When it comes to commercial food equipment, we’re a one-stop shop. We can help you with maintenance, repairs, and new installations.


Ductless systems as well as high efficiency heat pumps combined with either variable speed air handlers or high efficiency multi-stage furnaces.


Installation of Walk-in coolers, prep tables, freezers, repairs and replacement. Whatever your refrigeration needs me be, we’ve got you covered. 


We're proud of our work, and we think you'll be proud of the work we do for you. To see some of our past work, select an item below to learn more about it.

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We welcome any and all opportunities to quote the equipment and services that you may need, whether commercial or residential in nature.


Find the answers to our most commonly asked questions below.


 Q? How often should I have my air conditioner serviced?

A. We recommend you have your system serviced once a season at the beginning before the heat sets in.


Q? Are new furnaces bigger than older units?

A.  No  – they’re actually a lot smaller and much more efficient!


Q? What is the warranty on a heat exchanger?

A. Maytag offers a lifetime heat exchanger warranty.


Q? What size unit will it take to cool my house?

A. That all depends on your square footage, amount of insulation in your walls and the ceiling, amount of windows and r value of the windows.


Q? How efficient is a new air conditioner?

A. Air conditioner efficiency is rated in SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). The government now requires all equipment being manufactured to be at least 13 SEER.


Q? What is the average life cycle of my current A/C system?

A. Industry standards say that 15 years is the average life cycle.


Q? Should I drain my water heater periodically?

A. If you are in a hard water area or have high iron in the water it is a good idea to flush the water heater about every 3 months. To flush simply leave the water supply on to the water heater and connect a hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the heater. Open drain valve and let water run to a drain for about 10 minutes.


Q? How often should I change my furnace filter?

A. You should replace your filter once every 3-­‐6 months.


Q? Should I unhook my garden hose in the winter?

A. Yes, always remove your hose in the fall before the first freeze. The faucet cannot drain if a hose is left on it and this will cause it to freeze and it may break.


Q? Should I shut of my main water supply on my house if I am away for an extended period of time?

A. We recommend that you do this to avoid water damage that could occur if a pipe were to start leaking or a hose to a washing machine were to break. We can do a yearly check on all plumbing components to look for signs of weakness in your system. We can also install water detection devices throughout your house that will automatically shut off the water in the event of a leak.


Q? What kinds of things can cause my air conditioner to operate inefficiently?

A. A dirty air filter, improper refrigerant charge and air flow are the biggest culprits. Too much or too little refrigerant can cause your air conditioner to overwork. The same is true if the air flow across the inside coil is low, the coil may need to be cleaned.


Q? What do I do if I smell gas in my home?

A. Leave the house immediately. Do not turn on any lights, appliances, flashlights or use your phone -­‐ these devices can all cause a spark, which may ignite any gas in the air. Go to a safe place away from the smell. Call your local fire department right away. If you are unsure of the number please call 911. Once you’re in a safe place call your local gas company to report the issue